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Re: puqbe'wI' (KLBC)

> >nunghbogh Hogh boghpu' puqbe'wI'
> >Last week was born my daughter.
> Yes, "the week which precedes": {nungbogh}

That -pu' suffix keeps poking me in the eye.
"last week" sets the time stamp.
-pu' says that at the time referenced, the action is already completed.

"at the time reference of last week, my daughter had already been born."

> >ghIlghameS vIHevta' je 
> >I also have the ghIlghameS 
> >(mughwI' DloraH ghaH)
> >(translator is DloraH).
> {mughwI' ghaH DloraH'e'}
> >DaH vIlaD vItIv
> >Now I enjoy reading it.
> DaH vIlaD 'e' vItIv.




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