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Re: Klingon WOTD: Sam (v)

ja' Quvar:
>> Klingon word:   Sam
>> Part of Speech: verb
>> Definition:     locate, seek and find
>So this verb includes all these three meanings, to look for something and
>then find it? (as opposed to {nej} which is only searching)

It's only one meaning.  The meaning is "locate", "seek and find".  It can
probably best be translated as "find" in most cases.  The definition given
above is not a sequence of three actions.  It's a single action described
in two ways in order to distinguish {Sam} from {tu'}, which is "discover",
"find", "notice" without an implication that it's the result of searching;
and from {nej}, which is just "look for", "seek", "search for" without an
implication of actually finding what's being sought.

{Sam} is perhaps closer to {ghoch}.

>I'd say that {vISamta'} sounds like "I located it, I did seek it, and I did
>find it, which I wanted, and now it's accomplished"
>{vISampu'} is "oops, I found it"??

For just stumbling over something without having been looking for it, {tu'}
carries the right meaning.

>Maybe it's the meaning of {Sam} that I'm not sure of...

chaq DaH bISovbej.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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