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Re: Klingon WOTD: Sam (v)

> This is the Klingon Word Of The Day for Tuesday, November 26, 2002.
> Klingon word:   Sam
> Part of Speech: verb
> Definition:     locate, seek and find

So this verb includes all these three meanings, to look for something and
then find it? (as opposed to {nej} which is only searching)

Sometime ago, some friend of mine asked me if it makes sense to say
The apparent problem was that suffix {-pu'} makes something happened,
without intention. The aspect suffix {-ta'} is used when you've accomplished
something that you definitely wanted to. I think this is correct so far, please
correct me if not.
Now, what does {Sampu'} mean?

I'd say that {vISamta'} sounds like "I located it, I did seek it, and I did
find it, which I wanted, and now it's accomplished"
{vISampu'} is "oops, I found it"??

Maybe it's the meaning of {Sam} that I'm not sure of...

  ghojwI'pu'lI' tISaH

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