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Re: KLBC: "Tadhg" lIH jIH

> >Any words for poem/poetry? and Why not? ;) 
> {lut} "story"

Depending on how it is presented; Beowulf is categorized as a poem but I would 
probably use lut.  For many poems I would use bom "song, chant"

> >Whats the closest word for "Roads"? (I like to sign my e-mail with "Smooth
> >Roads" a shorthand version of an Irish blessing, and would love to see it
> >in tlhIngan Hol.
> There is nothing close to "road", street, or way. The closest I can
> think of is the noun {He} "course".

There may be other options, but I have seen /He/ used most often, tho it may 
not be truely accurate either.


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