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Re: KLBC: "Tadhg" lIH jIH

Am 26.11.2002 05:46:03, schrieb Tadhg Christopher Bird <>:

>soH qatlho''a' jiH!
Okay, first: watch your spelling! {SoH}, {jIH}.
You have used the type 1 noun suffix {-'a'} correctly on {taghwI''a'}, this suffix makes the meaning of a noun a bit more aimportant, or bigger. But you cannot use this 
on verbs. (There is a verb suffix #9 {-'a'}, but it's used for questions.)
If you want to say that you thank me "very much", you can use on of the following suffixes:
   v#6 {-chu'} "perfectly"
   v#6 {-bej} "certainly"
   v#R {-qu'} "emphatic"

And, as a last thing I must tell you that you do not need the pronouns. It's not wrong what you do, but klingon is very direct and short, so these pronouns are not 
necessary. You see it when I give a literal translation of your sentence:
   {qatlho'} - "I thank you"
   {qatlho' jIH}- "It's ME, I thank you"
   {SoH qatlho' jIH} - "ME, I thank you, YOU"
You see? pronouns are used for emphasis.

>I realized right after I sent my e-mail that I should have 
>tagged it 'KLBC' thanks for taking care of that for me.
It's my job to see who needs help ;-)

>Thank you! They really were my first attempts! Took me quite some time. I
>am happy about the stuff I got right! Especially the word, {taghhwI''a'}
>which I was very unsure about. 
It's always good to show things of which you are not sure. If you would only show things that you know that are correct, it would become boring, and you wouldn't 
learn from it. If you have an idea, tell us. I'll tell you what's wrong, and you will learn from it.

>I have many, but for now just a few:
>Any words for poem/poetry? and Why not? ;) 
{lut} "story"

>Whats the closest word for "Roads"? (I like to sign my e-mail with "Smooth
>Roads" a shorthand version of an Irish blessing, and would love to see it
>in tlhIngan Hol.
There is nothing close to "road", street, or way. The closest I can think of is the noun {He} "course".

Maybe we need to "recast" here.
What does it mean, "smooth roads"? You mean, the surface of the street is soft??
I think it's more like "my you have no trouble on your way, wherever you go", right?
There is a klingon toast (from power klingon) that fits very well:
    {QuvlIjDaq yIH tu'be'lu'jaj}
    "May your coordinates be free of tribbles"

Beginners' Grammarian
  ghojwI'pu'wI' vISaH

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