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KLBC: Poem Words (was Re: KLBC: "Tadhg" lIH jIH)

On Tue, 26 Nov 2002 wrote:

> > >Any words for poem/poetry? and Why not? ;) 
> > {lut} "story"
> Depending on how it is presented; Beowulf is categorized as a poem but I would 
> probably use lut.  For many poems I would use bom "song, chant"

OK I picked up somewhere that we are not allowed to make our own compound
nouns, so {bomlut} or {lutbom} are forbidden constructs, right? But if we
WERE allowed, which one would mean "Story-Song" and which one would mean
"Song-Story"? (My guess, {bomlut} == "song-story").  Could this be a case
for the Noun-Noun construction? {bom lut} ==  "The song of the story
(i.e. poem)"

Could I use a conjunction to join the words bom and lut to mean poem? For
a poem to me is something inbetween story and song, but a bit of
both. {lut bom je} "It is a story and a song (i.e. poem)".

Who do I have to sleep with to get a canonical word for poem, anyway?

Smooth Roads,

 -- Tadhg

Tadhg Christopher Bird <>
aka L. Christopher Bird

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