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Re: RE: "Tadhg" lIH jIH

> >was translating the Lord's prayer into Klingon, translating 'heaven' as
> >Stovokor. :) (What is the accepted thlIngan Hol spelling of Stovokor?)
> I don't know any.
>    Klingon paradise is called {QI'tu'} ("heaven"?)
>    The black fleet is {yo' qIj} {"Stovokor"?}
>    Dishonored go to {ghe'tor} ("hell"?)

I have used QI'tu' as "heaven" in some contexts, but it's supposed to be more 
of an "Eden"/"Paradise" concept.
The Black Fleet is in Sto-vo-qor.
Sto-vo-qor could certainly be paralleled with heaven.
I rememeber us receiving a canon spelling of Sto-vo-qor recently, but I can't 
find it now.
ghe'tor (or /ghe''or/) could certainly be "hell".


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