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Re: Hello

Am 24.11.2002 16:59:28, schrieb


Welcome to the list, Kathy!
My name is Quvar, I am the current Beginners' Grammarian. My job here is to help out newcomers and beginners in learning Klingon, which means the people who 
did it before me have decided you can trust me to evaluate your work. Include the letters "KLBC" in the subject line of a message, it marks it as a beginner level topic. 
This may be a question for me, or just conversation with other beginners in general. KLBC is not limited onto to participation by beginners, though! Anyone may 
contribute. The rule here is that the first person allowed to discuss the grammar of a KLBC post is the BG (me). Once I've gotten through with it, if there are any 
corrections or additions you think of, go ahead and post.  This keeps the beginner's confusion down to a minimum.

>I am saving up for a copy of the Dictionary, Have one out on interlibrary loan now.

The two most important web sites to be aware of, if you are not already:

The Klingon Language Institute

This list's FAQ:

>Some of My problems are that I am dislexic , have troble 
>with spelling (english), and cant under stand the dictionary as is....
We are willing to explain all you like about klingon.
I don't know though how much trouble it is being dislexic while learning klingon. Many words resemble each other, and only one letter difference can change a whole 
idea. But that's not a hinder, we'll get along with it. qay'be' ;-)

>One of the reasons I signed up for the newsletter is I wanted to communicate
>with others who love Klingon like I do. Others that speak klingon so I could
>learn in real time... and ask questions.
This is the best place to be to learn klingon!

> And be around the Human based section of Klingon culture. 
>(though would love to communicate with those who identify Klingon.)
What do you mean with that? I don't understand.

> Kathy also known as Niki
   known as
Beginners' Grammarian
  ghojwI'pu'wI' vISaH

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