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Re: Hello

jatlh Kathy:
> Hello ,
> I am new to the list. Wanted to introduce Myself. I am Kathy (seeking
> name), 29 and lover of all things Klingon sence I was a kid....
> I am saving up for a copy of the Dictionary, Have one out on interlibrary
> loan now.
> Some of My problems are that I am dislexic , have troble with spelling
> (english), and cant under stand the dictionary as is....
> One of the reasons I signed up for the newsletter is I wanted to
> with others who love Klingon like I do.. Others that speek klingon so I
> learn in real time... and ask questions. And be around the Human based
> section of Klingon culture. (though would love to communicate with thouse
> identify Klingon.)
> Kathy also known as Niki

Welcome to the group Kathy.  Everyone here is willing to help you learn, all
you have to do is start somewhere.  The beginning would be a good place, at
least I found that to be true.  It looks more frightening than it really is,
once you get started.

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