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Hello ,

I am new to the list. Wanted to introduce Myself. I am Kathy (seeking Klingon 
name), 29 and lover of all things Klingon sence I was a kid.... 

I am saving up for a copy of the Dictionary, Have one out on interlibrary 
loan now. 

Some of My problems are that I am dislexic , have troble with spelling 
(english), and cant under stand the dictionary as is.... 

One of the reasons I signed up for the newsletter is I wanted to communicate 
with others who love Klingon like I do.. Others that speek klingon so I could 
learn in real time... and ask questions. And be around the Human based 
section of Klingon culture. (though would love to communicate with thouse who 
identify Klingon.)

Kathy also known as Niki

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