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Re: KLBC: Phonetic Translation

ja' "Larry D. French Sr." <> (K'moghjIH):
>     Yes, I reviewed it, but still have trouble
>trying to get a correct phonetic spelling and my
>mouth to work that way.

Listen closely.  The standard spelling of Klingon as presented in The
Klingon Dictionary and used in this discussion group IS phonetic.

>I have never heard some of
>those sounds produced that way.

The KLI's web site has samples of pronunciation for every sound.  Check out
/tlh/sounds.html if you want to hear them.  Send your CO
to that page if you want to help him pronounce Klingon.

>     The Captain is getting complaints that nobody
>can properly pronounce what is written without
>seeing the phonetic breakdown.

Listen closely.  The standard spelling of Klingon as presented in The
Klingon Dictionary and used in every published Klingon book IS phonetic.

>> >'Iw qa' qul qa' je DIrI', batlh maQojmeH nuDevjaj.
>> >EW Ka kool ka je di-ri bat ma-koj-meh nu-dev-jaj
>> If you wouldn't tell me anything, I'd read that as
>>    *'Iw qa qul qa jI day ray bet ma qoy mI nuDev
>> yay*
>     I's are pronounced as ay and j's are pronounced
>as y's? I've never heard it pronounced that way.

Quvar is complaining that he has no clue how to pronouce your "phonetic"
version of the line.  He sees your "di-ri" as something he'd pronounce
"dye-rye".  And in German, "j" IS pronounced like an English "y".

The trouble is this:  even though you think you've produced a phonetic
spelling of the words, you *still* have to explain what your spelling
represents.  You haven't saved anyone any work.  You should cut out the
middleman and use the carefully explained spelling that Okrand produced for
the movie scripts and books.  It's much quicker, much more appropriate, and
much easier for everyone in the long run.

>     When the actors talk Klingon, that's the only
>time I hear Klingon being spoken with the exception
>of a few times at conventions. When I hear the actors
>pronounce it, I repeat it to learn how to speak it.

Well, there's part of your problem.  In general, the actors don't know how
to speak it.  In general, Star Trek III, V, and VI contain Klingon
pronunciation worthy of emulation.  The TV shows do not.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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