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Re: KLBC: Phonetic Translation

> > > > So, that's: Remember five vowel sounds, learn
> > > > four consonants. If he is not capable of such
> > > > a small task, how can he be a CO?
> > > 
> > >      I would guess that he would know that. I am a
> > > CO of another organization's ship and I am not
> > > 100% sure that I know. 
> > 
> > He and you know what?  How he can be a CO?
>      No, knowing the 5 vowels & 4 consonants.

If he does know them, then what's the problem?

> > 3> To me, -meh & -meH is the same pronounciation.
> > 
> > 4>      I always thought the "H" was like a silent
> > 4> H. thlinganmaH = Klingon ma
> > 
> > For 1, 2, 3 and 4 I ask if you have yet read that
> > link I gave you? (those lessons on my website:
> >  ) The first lesson 
> > (after the intro) covers pronunciation. If any of
> > the descriptions are confusing, by all means ask
> > about it.
>      Yes, I reviewed it, but still have trouble
> trying to get a correct phonetic spelling

Don't try to create a phonetic spelling.  That's why we're telling you to just 
learn how to read the system we use.

> I have never heard some of those sounds produced that way.

Well ya; you're an American, these sounds come from another culture.  I'm going 
to guess that nobody here has heard all of these sounds before they ever got 
into klingon/linguistics.  Some people may have heard some of the sounds.

> Every time
> he put something in tlhlingan Hol on the website,
> he'd get complaints that it doesn't show how to
> pronounce it. So now, he makes me decipher it.
>      The Captain is getting complaints that nobody
> can properly pronounce what is written without
> seeing the phonetic breakdown.

So in the next newsletter give everyone a copy of the pronunciation guide, and 
they all can learn to read the standard system we use.

Most of the pronunciation guides out there, including the one I wrote, do not 
use confusing liguistic terms.  They are staight forward, plain language.  
Except for maybe the tlh sound, it is not as difficult as people think.

>      When the actors talk Klingon, that's the only
> time I hear Klingon being spoken with the exception
> of a few times at conventions. When I hear the actors
> pronounce it, I repeat it to learn how to speak it.

AAAHH!  Don't do that!  They don't pronounce it right.  That's why you thought 
the H was silent.


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