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Re: KLBC: Phonetic Translation

>From: "Larry D. French Sr." <>
> > Oh good grief. Klingon as we write it ***IS*** a
> > phonetic spelling! Just tell him it *IS* spelled
> > phonetically, then teach him what the letters
> > stand for.
>      How can I do that when I live 2 hours drive
>away and I don't know it all that well myself? For
>all that I know, I could be speaking Redneck

Reread section 1 of THE KLINGON DICTIONARY.  This describes all the sounds 
of Klingon.  Acquire (if you have not already) any or all of the following: 
Conversational Klingon, Power Klingon, or the Star Trek: Klingon Language 
Lab (you need Windows 9x for that).

Stardate 2888.1

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