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Re: KLBC: Phonetic Translation

> > So, that's: Remember five vowel sounds, learn four
> > consonants. If he is not capable of such a small
> > task, how can he be a CO?
>      I would guess that he would know that. I am a
> CO of another organization's ship and I am not 100%
> sure that I know. 

He and you know what?  How he can be a CO?

1> > For him to read the real phonetic system we use, he
1> > would need to remember which vowels are long, which
1> > are short. He already knows the sounds. That's five
1> > sounds. Most of the consonants are close enough; a
1> > few need instructions, let's see... H, Q, tlh, '.
1> > That's four. Sure, to be proper there are several
1> > more he should learn, but if he wants minimum
1> > effort, we can allow a normal D, and q that sounds
1> > like k, etc.
1>      I hope that he knows what that means, because
1> I am not sure that I do.
2> > Oh good grief. Klingon as we write it ***IS*** a
2> > phonetic spelling! Just tell him it *IS* spelled
2> > phonetically, then teach him what the letters
2> > stand for.
2>      How can I do that when I live 2 hours drive
2> away and I don't know it all that well myself? For
2> all that I know, I could be speaking Redneck
2> Klingon.

3> To me, -meh & -meH is the same pronounciation.

4>      I always thought the "H" was like a silent H.
4> thlinganmaH = Klingon ma

For 1, 2, 3 and 4  I ask if you have yet read that link I gave you?  (those 
lessons on my website:  ) The first lesson 
(after the intro) covers pronunciation.  If any of the descriptions are 
confusing, by all means ask about it.

> > > jaghpu'ma' charghmeH chaHvaD matlhob aS chaH'nab
> > > QawQIH maH.
> > >
> > > Jog-pu-ma chatg-meh cha-vad mat-loab as cha-nab
> > > kaw-kih ma
> > 
> > Huh?  What is that second half there?
>      I don't have any idea. I think it is the CO's
> translation for vanquish, but it's a guess.

He added the english word "as" and then threw in, without any grammar, the 
words "they" (then a ['] I guess just for looks) "plan" "destroy" (but left of 
the [']) "cause damage" "us".


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