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Re: Fwd: Hol pIq (was RE: QeD De'wI' ngermey)

On Wed, 20 Nov 2002, Qov wrote:
> jay'. motlh muyajlaH vay'.  Just between first and second edition we got a
> lot of new meanings added to existing words like tlhob and nIS.  This

Ah, but still, you're talking about words "growing" only on the basis of
Okrand providing new meanings or connotations himself.  These connotations
don't seem to have come from natural evolution here, like, as someone else
mentioned, the use of { 'o' } to also mean "butt".  :)

> sounds pretty bad.  qamaw 'e' vIHechbe', maqIHbejDI' majatlhjaj.  Sach Hol
> 'ej choqlu' 'e' DaneHba'mo' qavuv.  QujwIj'e' DatIvchoH 'e' vItul.

bIquv'eghqa'chu'ta' 'ej qatlho'.  :)


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