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Re: Qov's sentences translated

> >When I first met Gina she could not speak Klingon at all.
> >I helped her slightly and suddenly she became able to construct beautiful 
> >sentences. This very clever so-called "beginner" makes me very happy. She 
> >demonstrates that if you work hard you can frighten Qov.
> >
> >thlIngan Hol jatlhlaHbe'chu' Gina vIqIHDI'.  loQ vIQaH 'ej pay' 
> >mu'tlheghmey 'IH chenchoHmoHlaH.  muQuchmoHqu' taghwI'qoqvam 
> >valqu'.  bIvumqu'chugh, Qov DaghIjlaH 'e' 'agh.oH

Gina, you are definitely doing a great job.
The sentences you presented above are correct, but I'm going to do a little 

muQuchmoHqu' - "she very much makes me happy"
muQuchqu'moH - "she makes me very happy"


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