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RE: KLBC: Phonetic Translation

> With the help of my CO and DloraH,
> Please tell me if I am at least close to correct.

> maQapbe'chugh, yantaHvIS ghopmaj 'ej bomtaHvIS wuSmaj,
> maHeghjaj; vaj
> ma-kap-be-choog yan-tah-vis gop-maj ej bom-ta-vis
> woos-maj ma-hegh-jaj vaj

I bet he'll pronounce /gop/ and /bom/ with a short o.
He'll probably pronounce /be/ as "bee".
His i will sound like "ee".
The H are not expressed.
No glottle-stops are expressed.

For him to read the real phonetic system we use, he would need to remember
which vowels are long, which are short.  He already knows the sounds.
That's five sounds.
Most of the consonants are close enough; a few need instructions, let's
see...  H, Q, tlh, '.  That's four.  Sure, to be proper there are several
more he should learn, but if he wants minimum effort, we can allow a normal
D, and q that sounds like k, etc.

So, that's:  Remember five vowel sounds, learn four consonants.
If he is not capable of such a small task, how can he be a CO?

> jaghpu'ma' charghmeH chaHvaD matlhob aS chaH'nab
> QawQIH maH.
> Jog-pu-ma chatg-meh cha-vad mat-loab as cha-nab
> kaw-kih ma

Huh?  What is that second half there?


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