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Re: QeD De'wI' ngermey

ja' ...Paul:
>What I'm hearing is that Klingon doesn't need to be expanded, because its
>purpose is limited to fiction.

vaj bIQoychu'be'.  yI'Ij:  tlhIngan Hol wISachnISmoHbe' maH'e'.  SachlaHbej
tlhIngan Hol.  pIj tlhach mu'mey DIHutlhmo' rut Sach mu'tay wIneH.  'ach
woQ wIghajbe'.  Hol 'oghwI' wIvuvmo' woQDaj wInIH wIneHbe'taH.

>Ultimately, Klingon serves no purpose,
>therefore it needs no expansion.

ram tlhIngan Hol ngoQ.  ngoQwIj'e' yIbuS:  tlhIngan Hol tu'lu'bogh vIjatlh.
tlhIngan Hol wIqalmoHpu'bogh vIneHbe'.

>Now, Klingon was developed to make up some good consistent technobabble in
>a science fiction series.  It has achieved that goal remarkably well, so
>you can argue that it needs no expansion because it's already achieved its

Hol ngoQqoq vISaHbe'.  Hol 'oH.  vIHaD.  vIghoj.  vIjatlh.  jatlh latlh.
maja'chuq.  maQum.  yap.

>But then you have ask, "where do we go from here?"  Unless we're
>all planning on becoming writers for the next 47 Star Trek television
>shows, the language has no purpose but to be a toy for entertainment.

'ej?  matIvmeH Hol wIlo'chugh, qay''a'?

>And ultimately, most of us outgrow our toys after a while (or we replace
>them with new toys.  ;)

Or, if we really like the toys, we turn what was "just" play into a hobby,
and use what were "just" toys into tools for creative expression and
interaction.  Especially if we also enjoy sharing the toys with some of the
other people on the playground.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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