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Re: KLBC: Complex Sentences

> >qantaH ghojmoHwI' 'e' muqawmoHmeH qanta' tlheta'.
> ... we have a problem with transitive verbs with -moH. Here,
> {muqawmoH} shows that "s/he" reminds "you". Now we have both object and
> subject, so the verb {qaw} cannot be used with {'e'} anymore.

/'e' mu-/ in a regular sentence could be explained as the prefix trick.

But, as for transitives with -moH... Sure, there may be a way of handling such 
constructions, but we don't know for sure yet.  I usually recast to two 

muqawmoH.  qan ghojmoHwI' 'e' vIqaw.


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