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RE: Tao Te Ching (part III)

> >I don't know chinese yet;
> toH, Holvam Daghoj 'e' DaHech'a'?

Right now I'm learning Maori

> "Concise" doesn't begin to describe it! In fact, one of the reasons why
> there are so many diverse translations of "Tao Te Ching" is because the book 
> was written in an extremely laconic way, with most of the grammatical words 
> (particles, prepositions, even pronouns, etc) omitted. Reading "Tao Te
> Ching" is almost like going through a book written mainly in Clipped 
> Klingon!

#1 > Inevitably each translator resolves the intederminacies and 
   > ambiguities in his or her own different way.

#2 > However, a decent Klingon version need not be the shortest one.

Sentence #2 suggests maybe you're going to attempt #1.
A translation should be as ambiguous as the original.  It is up to the reader 
to figure out what the (original) author intended.


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