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Re: KLBC: Complex Sentences

Am 15.11.2002 12:28:50, schrieb "Lee Herndon" <>:

>I seem to be having some extra difficulty with complex sentences
You're not the only one. I've had the skybox sentences atteched to the wall in front of my toilet. And I needed many "sessions" before I could really understand them. 
It just takes time.

>together wrongly.  So here are some of the various types for practice, and I 
>trust that Quvar will correct me if any are wrong.
Nice to hear that. :-)

>Qonatlh vIjotmoHlaHpa', Qay'pu'.
>Before I could calm Kronatz down, he blew his top.
It's better to put an asterisk at *names, so that everyone sees that it's aname, and not a word that can be found somewhere.Your sentence is correct.

>mu'qotlhta'DI' qoronIn, jImoghchoHpu'.
>When Koronin tickled me, I became frustrated.

>lImpu'bogh anDorngan vIHoH.
>I killed the Andorian who panicked.

>narghta' Duj vIHIvpu'bogh!
>The ship (that) I attacked escaped!

>tera'ngan vIHeQmoHmeH vIjoy'ta'.
>To make the human comply I tortured him.
{Human} is "human"
{tera'ngan} is "Terran"

>mutojta'meH jeghta' vulqangan.
>The Vulcan surrendered to deceive me.

>qantaH ghojmoHwI' 'e' muqawmoHmeH qanta' tlheta'.
>To remind me that the teacher was old, Kleta pointed her little finger.
That's nice. Although I think it makes no sense to say {qantaH}.
Besides, we have a problem with transitive verbs with -moH. Here, {muqawmoH} shows that "s/he" reminds "you". Now we have both object and subject, so the 
verb {qaw} cannot be used with {'e'} anymore.
I think this complex sentence is complex enough so that others can tel me what they think about :-)

>(qejchoHba'ta' ghojmoHwI'.)
>(Naturally [obviously] the teacher became grouchy.)

>jIpIv yIja', pagh loDHom vIHoH.
>Say you're well or I'll kill the boy.
This looks like a very literal translation, not nice, but correct. Partially, I think it's not good to combine a command with a statement like this, although in english it 
sounds okay.
In Klingon, we would say it in the pattern on {bIjeghbe'chugh vaj bIHegh} "If you do not surrender, then you die." or, "Surrender OR die!"

{bIpIv 'e' DachIDbe'chugh vaj loDHom vIHoH}
"if you don't admit that you're healthy, then I kill the boy"

also: "Admit that you're healthy, OR I kill the boy"

>pIj DIvI' 'ejyo'waw'meyDaq qagh HoH net tu'.
>One often finds that they kill gagh on Federation Starbases.

Beginners' Grammarian
  ghojwI'pu'wI' vISaH

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