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Re: Years IR

Am 15.11.2002 16:55:54, schrieb

>vaj, De'vammo' nIblaw' tlhIngan DIS tera' DIS je.
>qatlh vaQbe' qonwI'?
>So, according to this a klingon year is exactly the same length as an earth 
>year.  Couldn't the writers be a little more creative?

Is it said that the klingons use this counting?
You could understand it like: The year "1000" is "one thousand years after kahless" but maybe kronos rotated around its 
sun 2000 times, "2000 DIS".

You're right about the creativitiy of the writers!
Not only one year is the same as one year, also Kronos must have a 24-hour-day. How else could they adapt to our 
time system? Is really every day divided into 24 rep, divided into each 60 tup, into each 60 lup, which have *exactly* the 
same length as one second? Weird, isn't it?
'ej Hovleng jav vIleghDI', reH jImIS. ghomDI' 'enterpray' tlhInganpu' je, jatlh *qerq: wa'maHHut vatlh rep 'uQvaD 
maghom. tlhaq rap lulo''a' Dujmey??

>>>>For example, the year 1000 IR is the equivalent of 1625 A.D.  The current year is 1666 IR, or 2291 A.D. 
Federation spies are free to distribute this information, for whatever good it will do them.<<<<

Note that this is may be the current year in the game, but the actual current year is 2379 A.D.
(interesting that they still use the same dialect... or maybe again?!  ;-)

  ghojwI'pu'lI' tISaH

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