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KLBC: Complex Sentences

I seem to be having some extra difficulty with complex sentences--at least, 
although I think I remember the syntax I seem to have a tendency to put them 
together wrongly.  So here are some of the various types for practice, and I 
trust that Quvar will correct me if any are wrong.

Subordinate clauses
Qonatlh vIjotmoHlaHpa', Qay'pu'.
Before I could calm Kronatz down, he blew his top.

mu'qotlhta'DI' qoronIn, jImoghchoHpu'.
When Koronin tickled me, I became frustrated.

Relative clauses
lImpu'bogh anDorngan vIHoH.
I killed the Andorian who panicked.

narghta' Duj vIHIvpu'bogh!
The ship (that) I attacked escaped!

Purpose clauses
tera'ngan vIHeQmoHmeH vIjoy'ta'.
To make the human comply I tortured him.

mutojta'meH jeghta' vulqangan.
The Vulcan surrendered to deceive me.

Sentences as objects
qantaH ghojmoHwI' 'e' muqawmoHmeH qanta' tlheta'.
To remind me that the teacher was old, Kleta pointed her little finger.
(qejchoHba'ta' ghojmoHwI'.)
(Naturally [obviously] the teacher became grouchy.)

jIpIv yIja', pagh loDHom vIHoH.
Say you're well or I'll kill the boy.

pIj DIvI' 'ejyo'waw'meyDaq qagh HoH net tu'.
One often finds that they kill gagh on Federation Starbases.


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