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Re: tlhIngan-Hol Digest 14 Nov 2002 06:00:00 -0000 Issue 2398

On 14 Nov 2002 wrote:
> > poH nI' jIcheghqa'  (??)
> qaSpu' poH nI'.  jIchegh.

{ qatlho' }  I wasn't sure if I could pull that off; I know "time" nouns
can be placed similarly to adverbs, but I wasn't trying to fix a time for
when I returned...  Cool 'nuff.

> > But how might I describe "push" or "insert"
> TKD p148  "push" (v) - yuv

Hmm, I'm not inclined to use that.  In English, "push" can mean several
things, all based on context.  Most of the connotations are physical,
"I push the button", "He pushed me down the stairs".  But some are not.
"He's pushing to get his bill ratified in Congress."  It may still be
appropriate.  "I pushed the value onto the stack..."

> > concepts of "before" and "after", ...
> > ... but not "area in front of" or "area behind"?
> You don't have "Klingon for the Galactic Traveler" do you?
> KGT p235  "area behind" (n)      - 'em
> KGT p243  "area in front of" (n) - tlhop

Doh! Doh! Doh! { Do'Ha'! }

Actually I do have it, but I didn't have it with me, and I could've sworn
I had added its addendum to my mutay.txt file.  Blargh.  Bad me.  My first
return post and I've dishonored myself!  ;)

> Other words that might help:
> lan - "place" (verb)
> botlh - "center"
> 'et - "fore"
> 'o' - "aft"
> (vay') tlhopDaq yIlan - put it in the area in front of (something).
> botlhDaq yIlan - put it in the middle.

{ lan } is a good one, but without the words denoting in front of and
behind, it was of limited use.  But now I can say
{ Doch wa'DIch 'emDaq yIchel } "Add it behind the first thing."

Okay, so now I can start expressing some comp sci things in Klingon...
Of course, I now realize I could've done a lot of these without the KGT

Push:  { Doch wa'DIch 'oHmeH yIchel }  "Add it so that it's the first thing."
  Question -- can you use ordinals alone?   Could I have just said
              { wa'DIch 'oHmeH yIchel } "Add it so it's first." ?
  Question -- can I add -moH to the "to be" construction, such as
              { Doch wa'DIch yI''oHmoH } "Cause it to be the first thing."
Pop (from a stack):   { Doch wa'DIch yIteq }  "Remove the first thing"
Pop (from a list):   { Doch Qav yIteq }  "Remove the last thing"

Followup -- I've seen { HIDjolev } for "menu", but what would be appropriate
for "list"?  { patlh Hoch } just isn't satisfying for some reason...  :)


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