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Re: Klingon WOTD: Somraw (n-body)

>This is the Klingon Word Of The Day for Thursday, November 14, 2002.
>Klingon word:   Somraw
>Part of Speech: body part noun
>Definition:     muscle

Never used in canon.

Somraw was also the name of the Klingon ship rescued from the atmosphere of 
a gas giant by the Enterprise in 2151. The Somraw was a Raptor-class 
scoutship with a crew of 12 but is apparently not the same as a "Bird of 
Prey", which were also referred to - but not seen - in the episode. (ENT 
"Sleeping Targs")

Voragh                            "All the meaning is in the context."
Ca'Non Master of the Klingons           (Ilya Kabakov, Russian artist)

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