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Referencing sequence and order in tlhIngan Hol

Hey all, back again after a long absence.
poH nI' jIcheghqa'  (??)

Anyways, the key thing I'm looking for information on is how I would infer
order and sequence.  I'm still working as a software engineer and I'm
dealing with a lot of things that are sequence-oriented, and I'm at a loss
for how to handle the concept in tlhIngan Hol.

I've found the verbs { chel } for add and { teq } for remove or take off.
I'd be inclined to believe that { chel } might also imply "append", and
{ teq } might imply "pop" (if you're familiar with software engineering
concepts, you know what I mean).

But how might I describe "push" or "insert" (add to the beginning of)?  I
can't seem to find any reference in the Klingon references that are
concepts of "before" and "after", that are usable in a locative context.
I can't believe Klingons would not have such a concept.  I can easily
envision scenarios where you might order a warrior to "stand in front of
him" or "get behind me!"

I suppose "push" could be  { Doch wa'DIchDaq yIchel } "Add it to the first
thing"  (Q: should it be "DochDaq wa'DIch" or am I correct in thinking {
Doch wa'DIch } follows the noun-noun construction and thus -Daq is placed
as I wrote it?)  Or what about { Doch wa'DIch 'oHmeH yIchel } "Add it so
it's the first thing"?

Am I missing anything that might indicate relative position in terms of
order?  We have locative-type nouns for "area above" and "area below" and
even "area next to," but not "area in front of" or "area behind"?

Any ideas?


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