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Re: KLBC- Second sentence from Qov's sentences

At 09:04 02-11-05 -0800, lab Gina:

>loQ vIQaH 'ej pay' mu'tlheghmey 'IH chenchoHmoHlaH


> > bIDoj, Gina.  qaqaDqu'DI' bIghojqu'.  yablIjDaj leQHey chu'lu'pu'DI',
>tlhIngan Hol DaghojchoHbej.
> >
> > naDev tugh SISchoH.  SISchoHpu'DI' SoHvaD mughmeH mu'tlheghmey vIqon.
>SISchoHpu'pa' jIvumqu'.
>I'm having trouble with these translations.  I think the first part of the
>first one is something along the lines of
>You are impressive Gina.  You really learn as soon as I really test your

Essentially correct. qaD as I used it just means "challenge," so you can 
say, "when I really challenge you" or "when I give you a tough challenge."

>But i'm having trouble getting the 3rd sentence, I can find everything, but
>I can't seem to put it together.

Let's start with the fact that I made a typo.  I often write on a Palm 
Pilot when I'm away from home, which produces really odd typos.  As Quvar 
already pointed out, that was supposed to be: yablIjDaq leQHey 
chu'lu'pu'DI', tlhIngan Hol DaghojchoHbej.  See if that helps.

Also I didn't make the slightest effort to write any of that at a beginner 
level.  Cause guess what Gina, you're way beyond beginner. That's my normal 
level of writing in tlhIngan Hol.

The -lu' suffix means that the subject of the sentence is 
indeterminate.  Compare
Gina QaH Qov - Qov helped Gina
Gina QaHlu' - Gina got help (from some unspecified agency)

It actually works pretty well the way you think of it.  Gina was helped by 
Qov vs. Gina was helped.

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