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Re: Stage

Lee Herndon wrote:
>>i.e. I'll have more decisive proof of my uncle's guilt than the testimony 
>>of the ghost [qa' QIch]. qa' is a post-TKD word; see the KLI web site. As 
>>already explained, DawI' = Da-wI': behav-er, actor.
>I found *DawI'*.  I was misled by the rarity of Klingon words ending or 
>beginning with vowels.  It's good to know that qa' is post-TKD, but it's 
>not in the word list on the web site.

Probably because it was eventually published in the glossary at the end of 
KGT.  From the KLI's "Klingon Words Not in The Klingon Dictionary" page 

   Note that with the addition of the book "Klingon for the Galactic 
Traveler", we
   have a new published word list with which we have no interest in 
competing. All
   entries of words formerly on this list which exist in KGT have been 
removed so
   as to not compete with Dr. Okrand's income via royalties. KGT words 
exist here
   only if they have shown up somewhere in canon with a different meaning than
   listed in KGT. For a complete word list, combine this list with TKD and 

IIRC the word {qa'} "spirit" made its debut in "Power Klingon":

   SoHDaq qeylIS qa' yInjaj!
   May the spirit of Kahless live within you!

and was used a few times in "The Klingon Way" and the SkyBox cards.  Okrand 
also discussed it briefly in the text of KGT (p.117):

   ghe'torvo' narghDI' qa'pu'
   when spirits escape from Gre'thor

   According to mythology, when a dishonored Klingon dies, his or her
   spirit goes to a place called Gre'thor, there to remain. To speak
   of spirits escaping from Gre'thor is to speak of an impossibility.
   The phrase usually follows the statement of what it is that supposedly
   cannot happen: {jIjegh ghe'torvo' narghDI' qa'pu'} ("I will
   surrender when spirits escape from Gre'thor"). Note that the word for
   "spirit", {qa'}, takes the plural suffix {pu'}, which is used for
   beings capable of using language. Spirits do speak.

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