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Re: 'ISqu' (KLBC probably needed..)

> >Olomouc Hopbe' Sosnowiec.
> >Sosnowiec isn't far away from Olomouc.
> Since no one else has pointed this out:
> Shouldn't this be <OlomoucDaq Hopbe' Sosnowiec>.
> In an article in a HolQeD ...
> ...(Or perhaps it's a figment of my imagination, but I remember reading
> about it as part of a longish interview with MO; I believe it was
> conducted by charghwI'.)

I did see this.  I was waiting for BG to comment.  You are correct about 
everything; the grammar, the interview, and the interviewer.  I believe it was 
HolQeD Dec 98 (I'm at work right now); it's the one with the klingon holding a 

I thought I saw someone comment on this.. Hmm, I don't see any comments in the 

Normally a thing is "near" or "far" from the SPEAKER.  But this nearness or 
farness can be thrown to another place/thing by using -Daq.

I have that article on my computer at home.  I suppose I should bring it to 
work someday.

DloraH, 'utlh

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