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Re: 'ISqu' (KLBC probably needed..)

>Olomouc Hopbe' Sosnowiec.
>Sosnowiec isn't far away from Olomouc.

Since no one else has pointed this out:

Shouldn't this be <OlomoucDaq Hopbe' Sosnowiec>.

In an article in a HolQeD (which I hope Voragh can post for us, since I 
don't have it), MO explained that Sum and Hop do not take objects, and to 
use a standard of comparison, you have to mark it with -Daq, as so:

X is far from Y
Y-Daq Hop X
(At Y, X is far)

Judging by the fact that neither the BG nor any of the 'utlh caught this, it 
is a little-known rule, but a rule nonetheless.  (Some might prefer to think 
of it as a 'property' of these verbs rather than a 'rule'.).  (Or perhaps 
it's a figment of my imagination, but I remember reading about it as part of 
a longish interview with MO; I believe it was conducted by charghwI'.)

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