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Re: Help with a short beginner's class in Klingon?

qaSDI' qIDvam vIQoymeH wanI' wa'DIch, qIDvam jatlh janSey. chaq chenmoH.


> From: "Nathan Grange" <>
> > PPS. Can anyone tell me what the other phrase is I'm thinking of.. it's a
> > tourist joke thing and it means 'please kill me' or something...and where
> is
> > that from...
> There was a joke some years ago on the list (not by Okrand) that when a
> Terran asks a Klingon the correct way to translate "Merry Christmas," the
> Klingon should tell the Terran to say /DaH HIHoH/ to the next Klingon he
> meets.  The Klingon then watches the happy Terran walk up to a Klingon and
> say (in Klingon), "Kill me now."
> SuStel
> Stardate 2401.5

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