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Re: How fat is he?

> Excerpt from the Klingon FAQ:
> [ Posts to the list can be of two flavors:
> 1. Written in English, discussing the Klingon language (grammar, vocabulary,
> etc.).
> 2. Written in Klingon, about anything. ]
> End excerpt.
> --qonwI'
I  believe meta-topics such as this one, about the list and its rules,
may also legally be discussed in English.  Which is good, since that's
what we appear to be doing. :)

But I don't think Captain Krankor was accusing anyone of violating
the rules.  Sure, it's legal to post about grammar in English, but
that's not the point; if you're replying to a post that happens to
be BOTH about grammar AND in Klingon, you should at least try to
reply in kind.  It's much harder, but that is sort of the point;
to reply in English is to show disrespect to the original poster's
efforts to frame his or her thoughts in Klingon.

I happen to agree with Captain Krankor on this point, which is why,
when he replied in Klingon to my English post on translating "Live
Long and Prosper", I replied in Klingon.  Twice.  Even though my
second message was so long and such a stretch for me that it may have
come out as an incomprehensible mishmash, at least I made the effort
to compose it, and I hope someone was willing to put in the effort
to try and read it.  (Even though I haven't gotten a reply yet. :))

marqoS <>

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