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Re: How fat is he?

Excerpt from the Klingon FAQ:

[ Posts to the list can be of two flavors:

1. Written in English, discussing the Klingon language (grammar, vocabulary,

2. Written in Klingon, about anything. ]

End excerpt.


-----Original Message-----
From: Captain Krankor <>
To: <>
Date: Monday, May 20, 2002 4:30 AM
Subject: Re: How fat is he?

>I find myself agreeing with SuStel's interpretation, but still disagreeing
>with his post.  On a matter of form, not content.  To wit:
>I think it is lazy-assed, dishonorable, shameful, and disrespectful to
>take a post, even on the topic of grammar, which was written in Klingon,
>and reply to it in lengthy English without even making the attempt to
>respond in Klingon.  This is a major reason I left this list in the first
>place, people more interested in pontificating *about* Klingon than in
>actually using it, which was the list's main intent.
>And the worst part is, I've gotten sucked into it myself.  From now on,
>no more English from me, except to explain things to beginners as BG.
>jI'Ip rIntaH.
> --Qanqor

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