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Re: How fat is he?

From: "Captain Krankor" <>
> I think it is lazy-assed, dishonorable, shameful, and disrespectful to
> take a post, even on the topic of grammar, which was written in Klingon,
> and reply to it in lengthy English without even making the attempt to
> respond in Klingon.  This is a major reason I left this list in the first
> place, people more interested in pontificating *about* Klingon than in
> actually using it, which was the list's main intent.

tlhIngan Hol DaneH'a'?  tlhIngan Hol qanobqu' jay', toDSaH!  ghomvam chutmey
vIpabchu'pu' 'ej bIbep neH.  'ej DIvI' Hol Dalo'taH bIbeptaHvIS!  quvHa'wI'
HIpongQo', HoD taHqeq!  bIbIvpu' SoH'e' 'ej SoH qatIchbe'pu' jIH'e' jay'!
HoS lI' Dalo'Ha'chu'!

(Better?  Now, improve your attitude.)

Stardate 2383.7

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