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Re: [KLBC] SISpu'

From: "Captain Krankor" <>
> It is interesting, though, that this is the one area that breaks the
> fundamentally phonetic nature of the writing system; I don't know anyone
> who, in actual practice, pronounces doubled consonants differently from
> single ones.  Indeed, we have the conanical example of toDuj and toDDuj
> being pronounced identicaly.

I do!  I pronounce doubled consonants longer than single consonants.  I can
easily tell the difference, spoken, between /toDuj/ and /toDDuj/.

This includes '.  To me, the difference between ghu'e' and ghu''e' is very
distinct.  This also includes most of the other consonants.

This does NOT include ch, j, q, Q, and sometimes r.  These seem to me to
demand fully aspirated double consonants.  When I say /chechchu'/ or
/qeqqu'/, every consonant is distinct.

Mind you, I don't aspirate both consonants.  I also may not be totally
consistent in this.

I believe that KLINGON FOR THE GALACTIC TRAVELER says that doubled
consonants (both aspirated), while technically correct, are rarely heard in
the Empire.  I'm paraphrasing from memory, of course!

Stardate 2372.8

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