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Re: [KLBC] SISpu'

On Wednesday, May 15, 2002, at 3:37 PM, (Captain Krankor) wrote:

>> jIHaD RITDaq.
>> I study at RIT.

>More importantly, watch your sentence structure.  Locatives-- the thingies
>that tell where the action is happening, such as "RIT"Daq-- always go at
>the *head* of the sentence.

I see now: "RIT"Daq would have been the _object_ at this point.
(talking about MY(subject) STUDIES(verb) at RIT(object))

>> thIngan Hol jatlhpu'law' tera'nganpu' HaDpu''a'.
>> Terrans who spoke klingon studied here?
>Well, you're on the right track.  Rather than explain every point,
>why don't I just show you the right answer, and then *please* ask
>questions about any part of it that you don't understand why I did
>what I did.  

I think I understand it. I'll take a deeper look into it when I have more
time, probably later tonight.

>Also, you definitely seem to want this to be a question,
>but the -'a' is really going to make it mean "did they study here?";
>I hope that's what you meant.

Yes it was (my english 'translation' wasn't all that great. I'm sorry).
I thought the English sounded funny... but left it.

>naDev HaDpu''a' tlhIngan Hol lujatlhlaw'pu'bogh tera'nganpu'?
>"Did terrans who spoke Klingon study here?"
>Note that the entire phrase <<tlhIngan Hol lujatlhlaw'pu'bogh tera'nganpu'>>
>means "terrans who spoke Klingon" and that whole thing is the subject of
>the main verb, HaD.  And, of course, the subject always goes *after* the

_Now_ this makes sense. I should have tried to break it into little chunks
like that, and then put everything together.

>> leSpoH jIjaHrup. jIjaH vagh les.
>You apparently did not provide intended English for this one.

Yes, I did forget that one... I was walking out the door at the time...

"I am ready to go on shoreleave [summer break]. In 5 days I go."

Thanks for the help so far!!,
-Ryan (qoreQ)
PGP: 0x2F4E9C31

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