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Re: help with "Floreat Majestas"

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> > Or maybe there's no real overriding connection, and things are actually
> > lot less rigorous than you might want them to be.
> While this is possible, that leaves a lot of examples (like {batlh
> as simply opaque, without any predictable structure. We can just put words
> together and claim they mean what we want them to mean and everything
> an idiom. Whoever nails a specific meaning to an idiom first wins.

I tend to agree with the ghunchu'wI''s statement.  In general it seems to me
that Klingon statements can be fairly broad in possible meaning, and it's up
to the listener's common sense to know what is intended.  It's not like
Klingons listen to their own language, picking out meanings that come from
an understanding of English!

On the one hand, you can argue that it's more Klingon to nail a specific
meaning to the wall, totally unambiguously.  On the other, and this is how I
see it, you can say it's more Klingon to say what you say, and don't nag
about what it MIGHT mean when you know perfectly well what it DOES mean.

SuStel "Context is King"
Stardate 2372.9

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