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Re: help with "Floreat Majestas"

> >
> > nob "give"
> > nobHa' "ungive", "give back"
> >
> I might be missing something here so forgive me for asking but wouldn't
> [nobHa'],  be "take", "take back" as well as "ungive" rather than "give
> back"?

It could certainly mean "take back".  Context would presumably make the
intended meaning clear.

> If it could mean "give back" how would the following work (assuming it's
> correct anyway):
> taj nob SuvwI' vaj  taj nobHa' SuvwI'

Well, I'm not sure what this would mean.  Certainly one could come up with
a context in which it would make sense, but lacking a context it's a little
hard to understand.  It would be more comprehensible, methinks, with ghIq
instead of vaj.

> Can I give to an inanimate object?
> e.g. "I give money to the Collection"

I would say yes, especially given the way that indirect objects work
in Klingon.  Because I'm at my parents' house and lack my dictionary,
I'm not sure off the top of my head what to use for "Collection", but
grammatically the sentence would come out:

"Collection"vaD Huch vInob.

Since this literally means "I give money for the benefit of the Collection",
I see no problem here.  I don't know that we know the answer for absolute
positive, but, lacking any other data, I think that if a day can "have"
secrets, then you can give to a Collection.


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