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Re: KLBC: {-be'}

From: "Rohan Fenwick" <>
> His
> head doesn't contain the entire Klingon language; perhaps this rule
> resembles the English sentence "He saw John and I in the park". If we want
> to be strictly accurate on the general rule, English grammar says "Objects
> go in the accusative case". But we say "He saw John and I in the park"
> anyway, because when we say this sentence, that rule doesn't work. We need
> to use a different one.

Erm . . . no, "He saw John and I in the park" is just wrong, not a different
rule.  I'm a native English speaker!  Those Klingon linguists can come and
ask me as they study the language!  *We* do not say this; maybe you do, but
I certainly don't!  :)

Stardate 2229.2

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