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Re: KLBC: {-be'}

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From: "David Trimboli" <>

> > From: "Rohan Fenwick" <>
> Erm . . . no, "He saw John and I in the park" is just wrong,
> not a different rule.

Are you saying this is wrong in English? Admitedly I would probably just
have used "me" in place of "I". But then I always thought I was wrong..  I'm
sure we were taught in school that "John and me"/"me and John" was incorrect
and that, "John and I" was correct. I was taught that to have said "me and
John" was rude.

I would probably want to re phrase this in Hol as

 [park]Daq chaH [John] jIH je'e'.   nulegh
John and I in the park. He saw us.

Is that ok in Hol?
Is the -'e' in the right place?

> I'm a native English speaker!  Those
> Klingon linguists can come and ask me as they study the
> language!  *We* do not say this; maybe you do, but I
> certainly don't!  :)
> SuStel
> Stardate 2229.2


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