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Re: nested <<'e'>>s

> >(BTW, Can I use two <<'e'>>s in the manner above?

>>There's no rule and so far as I know no evidence that says you can't do it.

AFAIK, Okrand has never nested {'e'}, but he has used two in one sentence:

   bISuv 'e' yIwIv; bISutlh 'e' yIwIvQo'
   Choose to fight, not negotiate. TKW

Here the clauses aren't nested, though, merely sequential.

>>If the sentence is simple enough, go ahead.  But nested sentences as objects
>>can get difficult to parse very quickly, so don't try to get too elaborate
>>with it.

I agree.  As long as you don't over do it, it should be fine.  E.g.:

   QI'tomerDaq Azetbur Qang HoH 'e' Hech cheng Sa' 'e' vISov.
   I know that General Chang intends to kill Chancellor Azetbur at Khitomer.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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