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KLBC: {-be'}

I have a question about {-be'}:  From what I undestand from TKD, this 
particle negates whatever it follows, i.e., if someone were to say to me 
<<SoptaH>>, the response:


would dispute the fact that eating was the action involved, as in 
<<Sopbe'taH, 'ach 'eptaH>>, whereas:


would dispute that the action was continuous, as in <<Sopbe'taH, 'ach 

The reason I ask is that I have seen it used seemingly at random on this 
list, or at least at odds with the stated English equivalent (in fact, I've 
most likely done it myself).  Is this just a mistake that is too small for 
the BG to bother about (not to mention the other ardent defenders of the 
language), or have I misunderstood the use of {-be'}?

See TKD, p.46

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