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Re: nested <<'e'>>s


 > (BTW, Can I use two <<'e'>>s in the manner above? (ie. wIghoH 'e' wImev
 > DaneHchugh). I have asked this question before, but I couldn't remember,
 > find, the answer.)

jatlh SuStel:
>Well, you wouldn't use it like that, because /neH/ doesn't use /'e'/.

qatlho'qu'. pab motlhbe' potlh law' Hoch motlhbe' potlh puS, 'ej vIlIjpu'. 

Thank you. The most important irregularity of grammar, and I forgot it. :S

>There's no rule and so far as I know no evidence that says you can't do it.
>If the sentence is simple enough, go ahead.  But nested sentences as 
>can get difficult to parse very quickly, so don't try to get too elaborate
>with it.

luq. ghaytan wej mu'tlheghmey lo'lu' neH, chaq loS mu'tlhegh lo' vay', 'ach 
tlhoy <<'e'>>mey wIlo'chugh, nom numISmoH 'e' vIHarqu'.

OK. It's likely that only three sentences could be used, perhaps four, but 
if we use too many <<'e'>>s, then I'm also convinced they'd confuse us very 

Qapla' 'ej Satlho'


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