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Re: god (was: Re: a word is needed?)

jatlh Will:

>..Or to hyperextend a very dead thread on the KLI mailing list. Please 
>get back on topic and stop posting English messages about how you 
>like to use the word "God" or not so that someone else can do the same and 
>someone else can do the same and then it's your turn to go back and do the 
>again so someone else can do the same again.

pItlh. bIlughlaw'. tlhoy DIvI' Hol pong "God" wIja'chuq, 'ach mughmeH neH 
'e' vIHar. tlhIngan Hol mu'mey <<Qun'a'>> <<joH'a'>> je wIja'chuqpu'. lalDan 
wIja'chuqbe'pu'. lalDanmo' vIghoHchuqqangbe'. tlhIngan Hol mu'mey wIja'chuq, 
pagh tIghmey wIlo'laHbogh mughlaHmeH ('e' vIHar). DaH Dochmey law' vImugh, 
'ej mu' "God" lulo' nuvpu' law' ghItlhDI'.
'ach wIghoH 'e' wImev 'e' DaneHchugh, wImevlaH. SoHvo' vIghoHqangbe', 
bIQapbejmo'. :) pe'vIl bIghoH. 'ej DaH qayaj; jabbI'IDmeywIj vIlaDqa'pu', 
'ej pay' tlhoy tIqlaw' 'ej pagh luQIj.
(cha' <<'e'>>mey vIlo'laH'a'?)

Done, then. You may be correct. We are discussing the name "God", but in my 
opinion, only in order to translate it. We only discussed the Klingon terms 
<<Qun'a'>> and <<joH'a'>> as regards its translation and connotations. We 
didn't discuss religion. Nor am I willing to. We discussed Klingon words, or 
at least, methods which we could use to translate them (I believed). I am 
translating many things at the moment, and "God" appears many times in 
literature of all kinds.

But if you want us to stop, we can stop. I'm not willing to argue against 
you, because you will win. :) You argue very persuasively, in my experience. 
And I now understand your point of view; I have reread my messages, and they 
were suddenly too long, and they explained nothing.

(BTW, Can I use two <<'e'>>s in the manner above? (ie. wIghoH 'e' wImev 'e' 
DaneHchugh). I have asked this question before, but I couldn't remember, nor 
find, the answer.)

Qapla' 'ej Satlho'


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