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Re: god (was: Re: a word is needed?)

From: "Rohan Fenwick" <>
> We are discussing the name "God", but in my
> opinion, only in order to translate it. We only discussed the Klingon
> <<Qun'a'>> and <<joH'a'>> as regards its translation and connotations.

Okay, here's an idea.  When speaking, "god" and "God" are identical.  The
context is usually pretty clear.  So when speaking Klingon, use the word
/Qun/ and context should make the meaning clear.  It doesn't matter that you
don't capitalize names in Klingon, because our writing system is just a
convenience for those of us who don't know who to read /pIqaD/ (which is all
of us).

> (BTW, Can I use two <<'e'>>s in the manner above? (ie. wIghoH 'e' wImev
> DaneHchugh). I have asked this question before, but I couldn't remember,
> find, the answer.)

Well, you wouldn't use it like that, because /neH/ doesn't use /'e'/.

There's no rule and so far as I know no evidence that says you can't do it.
If the sentence is simple enough, go ahead.  But nested sentences as objects
can get difficult to parse very quickly, so don't try to get too elaborate
with it.

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