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RE: House & rank (was bonwI' (boo boo) )

> DloraH joH, naD puqloD, Seruq tuq.
> Lemme see if I have most of it right.
> DloraH  is the first name, joH shows you are the head of your
> house. Nad puqloD. naD is 'commendation',  puqloD I don't
> undserstand.

yes, naD is "commend/commendation"; here it is simply a name.
puqloD - TKD p101, "son"
KGT p41,197 - mogh puqloD "Son of Mogh"
naD puqloD "son of naD"  (naD being my father's name)

> Seruq is the faimly name, tuq is 'house'
> So the title 'head of house' comes just after the first name? Interesting.

KGT p41,198

> ...Shows that no matter how hard you try, you can't
> teach an old Klingon new tricks.

Perhaps we can trick them into thinking it's an old trick  ;]

DloraH, BG

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