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House & rank (was bonwI' (boo boo) )


You didn't notice my extended signature on that e-mail did you?
Sure didn't, but I do now:
DloraH joH, naD puqloD, Seruq tuq.  (BG je)

Lemme see if I have most of it right.
DloraH  is the first name, joH shows you are the head of your house. Nad puqloD. naD is 'commendation',  puqloD I don't undserstand. Seruq is the faimly name, tuq is 'house'  
So the title 'head of house' comes just after the first name? Interesting.
vIghro' joH, bomwI' tuq.

They liked it; said they would incorporate some of it, if not all of it.  But when the 
Fleet Manual came out they didn't use any of the information.
That figures. Shows that no matter how hard you try, you can't teach an old Klingon new tricks. 

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