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Re: bonwI' (boo boo)

> Let me try to explain better what I am after.
> I do not want to follow the KAG way of doing things  They use words like
> epetai, zantai, sutai, between the first and last name.

I'm aware of KAG and have many times heard those titles; but I am not familiar 
with how they are used.  I never got into that side of fandom.

> In the shortest
> and most simple way possible I want to be able to say and write, 
> "vIghro' of the house of bomwI'"  In proper tlhIngan Hol.

You didn't notice my extended signature on that e-mail did you?

> I also see on page 40, last paragraph of KGT that the leader of a
> house is afforded the title joH.  

So, for you:

vIghro' joH, bomwI' tuq.

> The West Coast group of KAG has made the announcement that we are
> breaking off from KAG which means changes might occur. I am suggesting
> proper tlhIngan Hol for the rank structure and things like that.  I'm
> not getting much reaction, so the best way I figure I  can do that is by
> and sticking to tlhIngan Hol as much as I possibly can, and setting an
> example. 

I tried that with one of the groups I associate with.  They were rewriting 
their books.  I wrote up a formal report on the information in KGT.  They liked 
it; said they would incorporate some of it, if not all of it.  But when the 
Fleet Manual came out they didn't use any of the information.
So I do what you are planning to do; I stick with proper tlhIngan Hol.  I 
haven't a clue what they have listed for me in their records.

DloraH joH, naD puqloD, Seruq tuq.  (BG je)

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