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Hu', leS, wen, waQ, ben, nem, ret, pIq

lab SuStel:
: If I don't know if something took place six, seven, or night days ago
: ...
: /Hu' law'/ or even just /Hu'/ will describe the information much
: better than /chorgh Hu'/.

ngoDvam vItu':
{Hu'}, {leS}, {wen}, {waQ}, {ben}, {nem} lo'taHvIS 'op nuvpu', rut *time 
stamps* Da mu'meyvam. mob. mI' Hutlh.
lo'vam Qutlh'a' *canon*?
Qutlhbe'chugh mub'a' lo'vam?
mubchugh *time stamps* DalaH'a' {ret}, {pIq} je?
"in the past/future" 'oSlaH'a' {ret}/{pIq}?


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