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Re: jIH vIchuHlu' - Words mentioned earlier but not in the NewWords list?

ghItlh ghunchu'wI':

>The specific meaning as used in the book was devised by DeCandido.  The
>word  {jeghpu'wI'} itself was the closest simple grammatical rendition of
>the intended meaning that a small group of people could come up with
>quickly.  [Before he asked for assistance, DeCandido was apparently ready
>to name them {charghwI'}.]

Your memory of the specifics is better than mine, so correct me if I blur the 
actual events.

What I recall is being introduced to Keith R. A. DeCandido at a convention in 
Philadelphia. I think Susan Shwartz (co-author of VULCAN'S FORGE, among other 
Trek novels) introduced us. Keith mentioned that he was writing a ST:TNG 
novel which featured a lot of Klingons. So, quite naturally, I offerred him 
assistance with any tlhIngan Hol he might want to include. He dismissed this 
immediately, saying he had TKD and had managed just fine, and told me the 
word he'd come up with that was supposed to mean something like "the 
conquered ones." Sadly, the word did NOT mean that (though I don't recall now 
if what he'd come up with was {charghwI'} or something else). I told him to 
send me a list of any other items he needed for his book when he got back to 
New York and he did so.

Now here's where my memory is fuzzy. In all likelihood I farmed out this list 
for input from various Grammarians. That's what I usually do in such cases, 
sometimes just for input, sometimes for extended discussion (depending on 
whether or not the first round of inputs are in agreement). The results were 
then passed on to Keith. 

I was quite surprised and pleased to see an acknowledgment to the KLI in the 
book. But then, ever since that episode (and before the book actually came 
out) Keith has shown himself to be a friend of the KLI. He has donated 
several items from his continuing association with Star Trek novels, which 
have in turn been auctioned off to supplement the Kor Memorial Scholarship.

On a vaguely related note, Keith just sold his first non-media-tie-in novel 
(he has many publishing credits for books in the Trek, Buffy, Hercules, 
Farscape, and Marvel Comics Universes). That book, tentatively titled COPS IN 
FANTASYLAND is due out from Pocket Books in 2004. 


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